How do you deal with problem players at conventions or your FLGS?

How do you deal with “bad” gamers in pick-up games at your friendly local gaming store? Wow! Great question. I think “bad gamers” happen a lot, but rarely on purpose. What constitutes “bad gaming etiquette” for one group might not be the same for another. The MtG players who are yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs at each other are having the time of their lives in their own microcosm. So, let’s dive into this shall we? If you are running a game at a convention or your FLGS, you need to set up some ground rules. This should work just like session zero in your own home campaign. You aren’t here to be a tyrant, you are there to provide entertainment for others. That said, yo

How do YOU run a successful horror game?

With the recent release of 'The Bleak Harvest,' I was asked: "How do you run a successful horror game? How do you keep the horror aspects effective in a game? My players tend to steamroll over things and the horror gets lost." Now, I love horror. I don't do a lot of Call of Cthulhu or that sort of game, but I do interject a ton of it in my games. So let me break down some of my tactics. 1) Session Zero. Make sure your players know you want to run a great horror game. Ask them to get on board with respect to the roleplaying. Choose the optional rules that you want to use and run them by everyone before the game starts. It's important that you get the player's buy in before running the

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