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A strange seaborne adventure designed for Fifth Edition, with scaling options for 4-6 characters of 5th-7th level.

Welcome to the weather-beaten deck of the Green Lady, a galleon adrift on the blue-green waves... but where is her crew? Where is her legendary captain, the self-exiled wizard, Vossian the Green?

Set sail 'lubbers and find out in this, our very latest Grave Undertaking starring your characters as the daring scallywags destined to solve the mystery of the Ship of Fools.

You're sure to enjoy this weird horror-trip: brave deadly zombies, mind-control slimes, suicidal haunts, sharks, swarms of eels and maybe your own crew amongst other delightful deadlies in this rollicking good time!

This adventure can be dropped into any campaign setting as a dangerous one-shot session, or as part of your bigger ongoing plot. Hooks are provided to get your group into the action as soon as possible, whether your campaign is already happening at sea or in port.

The Ship of Fools "Reboated" (5E) PDF

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