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The Forest Queen's Radiance

This adventure revolves around the fey and their interaction with mortals on the Prime Material Plane. In this module, the vengeful Forest Queen of the Haleathemyr Vale seeks retribution against the mortals who would trespass in her lands.

This adventure is meant for 5th-7th level characters. In this book, WizCoGames introduces a new game mechanic for 5th Edition called “Trials”.Trials are large scale encounters with a wide variety of objectives that go beyond just combat. It would be useful for the adventurersto have a wide variety of skills available to them for these Trials.This edition of The Forest Queen’s Radiance is apromotional module in partnership with Skullsplitter Dice for their 2019 Dice Kickstarter. Future versions of this book will be part of an Adventure Series byWizCo Games, LLC. that will allow them to continue the storyline.

The Forest Queen's Radiance

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