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The Bleak Harvest is a horror-themed adventure for 4 to 6 characters averaging 9th level of ability, perfect for use with other Occult or Horror sourcebooks. This adventure is intentionally setting-neutral, and can be dropped into any pre-existing campaign where a hilly, temperate region is located with minimum changes required.


The players are sent to aid the ruling nobility in the recovery of an ailing family member whom they have lost contact with.  When they arrive at the estate, they find it in shambles, with the possibility that the person they seek is in a mental asylum.  During this adventure, they players must discover the location of the missing duke and uncover what drove him to the depths of insanity.  With luck, they will not succumb to madness themselves and will be able to complete the adventure with their minds and bodies intact.

This module is recommended for mature players as it contains adult situations, mental illness, sexuality, vile acts, and loss of sanity and mental control. GMs should take these warnings under consideration and consult with their players as to whether or not this is the right style of adventure for your group.

View at your own risk

The Bleak Harvest PDF [DnD/PF]

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