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Races of the Outer Rim is a new series by Total Party Kill Games that explores newly cataloged species, unseen in the core worlds. 


The Omenoi are a race of humanoids that evolved from mighty frost worms. Their homeworld, which was actually a massive planet-sized comet, has now dwindled after eons of looping around solar systems. Now, they seek refuge in the frozen wastes of planets that are already inhabited. Who are the Omenoi, and what does their arrival represent?


The Omenoi are a new playable science fantasy race for the Starfinder RPG, developed by fantasy author Aaron Hollingsworth and published by Total Party Kill Games.

Inside this PDF are the traits of this new playable race, new omenoi feats, inventions, colonies, factions and deities.


Download the omenoi now, and add them to your star systems! 

Races of the Outer Rim: the Omenoi

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