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Geeks Vs. Harsh Reality is an awful card game that pokes fun at all of Geek Culture--and let me assure you, we have a lot to poke fun at.  


Set One comes with 100 cards and is a self-contained game of nerdery in and of itself.  You can play Geeks Vs. Harsh Reality with the first expansion as an all geek-themed slugfest or with your copy of Apples to... I mean, Cards Against Humanity(TM).

If you geek out over any of the following things, you will probably laugh yourself to tears playing our game with your friends: (Comics, Anime, Video Games, Roleplaying Games, Superhero Movies, Collectible Card Games, etc.).  


However, if we didn't make it clear...  This is a NSFW game for adults with thick skin.  We make fun of geek culture, and some of it's going to sting a bit (OK... a lot).  But, if you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at?  Oh yeah, your friends!


Revision Note: If you own the original Kickstarted sets, you have all the content of set one through three.  These have been revised, with some reworked cards and now published in clear plastic cases.

Geeks vs. Harsh Reality (Set One)

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