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“When our eyes adapted to the inky darkness, we saw what lay hidden in the shadows. This realm was a sick reflection of ours, empty and truly terrifying. A world like our own, but formed of shadow, pale and devoid of soul. There were shadow-creatures that took the form of men. Undead huddled in the corners of the darkness, waiting for those who would enter or open the gates to the shadow realm. Rivers of pure shadow flowed across the soulless landscape. We have been there and back again and the travels have left their marks. Do not fear my pallor, for to us it is a badge of honor, it reminds of where we have been and what we have lost. We will be your guides and protectors.”


–Umbral Elf Ranger


The Northmen speak of dusky elves who are born of the shadows, tireless hunters of the Dark Ones. They sweep out of the forests and mercilessly eradicate the Dark Ones wherever they are found. Despite their hatred for the evil shadowfolk, they seem to be dispassionate towards the mortal men and women of the north. They call themselves umbral elves, but many call them wraithe elves, and their true history is tangled in antiquity.


Within this PDF:

  • The complete playable race of the Umbral Elves
  • New advancement feats
  • Umbral Elf background tables

Ecology of the Umbral Elf (5E)

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