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🐉🏰 🗺️ Delvingwood Map Tiles include what you need to quickly map out your next dungeon delving encounter! The Core Set includes 52 detailed tiles, made in the USA to be durable, expandable, stackable and most-of-all . . . game-ready for your next session PLUS a limited edition purple storage sack.

Our Map Tiles are suited for miniatures based gaming (25mm to 32mm miniatures and props). The tiles feature 1 inch = 5 feet squares to match the standard grid system set by classic role playing games.

Delvingwood Map Tiles encourage a flexible approach to layout of corridors, caverns, streets, rooms and buildings. Without fixed walls you can clearly see and easily reach your miniatures in the midst of your game. Just throw them down and let your imagination take it from there!

Our Tiles are made with raw Baltic Birch plywood. It’s down to you to make them your own. Keep in mind that these tiles are handmade and we do a base level of surface preparation. Some dust and tiny wood fibers may be present.

Delvingwood Core Dungeon Map Tiles

$95.00 Regular Price
$80.75Sale Price

Father's Day 15%

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